Are your old windows leaky, dingy, broken, or inefficient? Planning to get new windows for your home? Then you have probably heard about all the frame materials you can choose from. It can be a difficult decision. You shouldn’t discount any of the options, especially aluminum. Aluminum windows were popular for a long time but gave way to the more affordable vinyl windows. However, with today’s modern advancements aluminum replacement windows in Bradenton, FL are better than ever. Here are a few of the advantages you can expect: replacement windows in Bradenton, FL

  1. Strength 

Aluminum windows are up to three times the strength of vinyl frames. You can install these windows directly into the brickwork or subframes. These windows can hold the weight of larger panes of glass and withstand impacts from windborne debris.   

  1. Durability

Aluminum replacement windows can withstand a range of harsh environmental conditions. They will not fade, rot, warp, or rust. In these aspects, aluminum replacement windows hold up better than both wood and vinyl windows.   

  1. High Security

Because they are strong and durable, these windows are also secure. These window frames paired with double pane, laminated glass, and sturdy locks can help prevent window break-ins.   

  1. Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners mistakenly believe aluminum windows are not energy efficient because they are made of metal. The truth is high-performance aluminum windows have excellent thermal performance ratings. How? Manufacturers added thermal breaks and insulation to the window frames to reduce heat transfer.   

  1. Sound Proof

Along with thermal insulation, aluminum windows also provide sound insulation. This is a major benefit if you live on a busy street or near an airport.   

  1. Style Options

Aluminum is a versatile material. Manufactures can make almost any window size and shape, depending on your needs.   

  1. Color Options

In the past homeowners often rejected aluminum windows because they only came in the silver color. It looked cheap and didn’t compliment their home. Today, due to powder coating, aluminum windows come in a variety of colors. You are sure to find something that matches both the interior and exterior design.   

  1. Modern Aesthetic 

Many homeowners are opting for the simpler, more minimalist approach to design. These ultra-thin frames are perfectly suited for the clean lines of the more modern design.   

  1. Low Maintenance

Because these windows are so robust you don’t have to worry as much about maintenance. They will not swell, crack, warp, or split. You do not need to sand a refinish aluminum windows. All you need to do is wash your windows with mild detergent, water, and glass cleaner.   

  1. Recyclability 

Aluminum is a sustainable material. It also offers one of the highest recycling rates compared to other window materials. The process for recycling aluminum requires only five percent of initial energy.   


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