Croci Rolling Shutters Deliver Ultimate Protection

Croci rolling shutters have been successfully tested to withstand hurricane wind loads of up to 150 mph. Another great feature of this brand is the ability to use a wall switch to quickly deploy your shutters.  There is also the ability to put your shutters on a timer. Should a power failure occur, you’ll still be able to operate your shutters manually.

When these shutters are closed, a physical barrier is created that protects you from high winds and intruders. Croci rolling shutters satisfy the latest safety and building code standards related to hurricane winds.

Croci manufactures high-quality rolling shutters, custom made to your specifications, with scratch and corrosive resistant powder coating in colors that complement with your home.

Why Choose Armored Dade Windows & Shutters for Croci Products

We are confident in the quality of Croci hurricane shutters. We’ve seen them in action and know they live up to their billing. Protecting your home from hurricane force winds is extremely important for Bradenton homes, and we wouldn’t carry a product that doesn’t ensure your safety.

Plus, we know how to install Croci shutters expertly. You’ll be left with a product that works and works with the aesthetic of your home so that the shutters don’t look like an afterthought.

Explore Croci products today by contacting us.