Town & Country Hurricane Shutters Withstand Wind and Time

The Town & Country hurricane shutters are designed to bring ultimate protection to storm zones. They offer the Eyewall Armor® family of hurricane products, which consists of accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, rolling shutters, storm panels, and hurricane fabric.

These products are created to withstand hurricane zone requirements and promise you that they will “withstand the test of time.” The team at Town & Country has been developing products for decades with a focus on surpassing all codes but also to survive harsh and salty coastal areas.

Extensive testing is carried out to minimize the impact of weather and climate conditions. The locking devices for their line of hurricane products can be stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Coatings and isolators are tested to ensure they won’t corrode. These products are customizable, and many are virtually maintenance-free.

The Eyewall Armor® products deliver other benefits, including:

  • Safety edges available on certain shutters
  • Fast, easy closing
  • Attractive designs
  • Curb appeal
  • Durability
  • Multiple colors and styles

Why Choose Armored Dade Windows & Shutters for Town & Country Hurricane Products

We have a wealth of knowledge regarding the many different products offered by the brand. We can help you customize your Town & Country hurricane shutters or panels to fit your space, your budget, and your style. With a considerable amount of experience installing these products, you can trust that our team will guide you through your purchase of Town & Country hurricane products so that the final result is something that’s functional and beautiful.

Get in touch today to learn more about how to get these hurricane-rated products installed on your Florida coastal home.