Window Replacement Solutions

For window replacement in the Bradenton, FL and Sarasota, FL trust the experts at Armored & Dade Windows and Shutters. Because we live in Florida, windows with impact resistance are a must. Impact resistant windows help protect you and your home during a hurricane.

Windows do much more than protect you from Mother Nature. They are a source of natural light and part of your home’s aesthetic, both inside and out. They also can save you money related to energy costs. That’s why you deserve high-quality windows and superior installation.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Your new replacement windows need to be energy-efficient. With the right windows, you’ll enjoy the natural light without harmful UV rays. Windows with performance glass block UV rays and keep unwanted heat out during the warm months.

Replacing old windows with ENERGYSTAR® certified windows may lower household energy bills by 7 to 15%. Lower energy consumption reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and shrinks a house’s carbon footprint.

UV rays can also damage your upholstery and carpet if not blocked. Choose replacement windows with Low-E glass that will work to enhance your home’s energy efficiency.

Hurricane Protection

Hurricanes aren’t an if, they are a when in Florida. Thus, you need to invest in hurricane impact windows. These windows are built to withstand hurricane force winds to minimize the damage to your home. Prepare for the worst-case scenario by having hurricane impact resistant windows installed.

Window Materials

Windows are available with different types of window frames. We offer windows made of vinyl or aluminum. For glass, you can choose from non-impact and impact resistant glass.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows are constructed to be energy-efficient, so you can expect savings on your energy bills. Vinyl replacement windows can be customized, need little maintenance, and are versatile—looking great in modern or traditional homes.

Aluminum Replacement Windows

Aluminum windows are hardy and durable. They have a slim profile, which allows for more glass and wider views. These windows also have thermal break technology that improves its insulating ability. A thermal barrier is created, reducing the flow of heat. These robust windows need very little maintenance and are available in most any size and type.

Window Types


Single Hung Windows
  • Traditional look
  • Two sashes; one operable, one fixed
  • Opened from the bottom
  • Commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms


Double Hung Windows
  • Most common type of window
  • Two sashes, both which are operable
  • Effective for air circulation


Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Opens without using extra space
  • Good for walkways and small spaces


Picture Windows
  • Use your window as a picture frame
  • No rail to obstruct your view


Radius Windows
  • Arch window
  • Creates a dramatic Victorian look


Casement Windows
  • Similar to picture window but offers ventilation
  • Hinges on the side and opens out


Awning Windows
  • Glass protects opening but still allows ventilation
  • Top hinge that opens out


Bay Windows
  • Opens up the room by dividing the view
  • Bay windows have three openings
  • Extends beyond the home’s exterior wall


Bow Windows
  • Opens up the room, similar to Bay windows
  • Bow windows have four or more openings
  • Allows more light into a room
  • Creates a rounded look


Armored Dade Windows & Shutters supplies and installs high-quality impact and non-impact replacement windows for homes throughout Florida, including  BradentonBradenton BeachSarasotaPalmettoLakewood RanchHolmes BeachAnna MariaVeniceNorth Port and surrounding areas.

We carry a wide selection of window products from top manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.