Hurricane protection along the Florida coast is so important. You need to take action and install hurricane windows or impact shutters in North Port, FL if you want to protect your home. This isn’t just a suggestion, but part of the building codes for the area. Why? If you live along the coast in Florida you have probably seen newspaper photographs and newsreels about the devastation hurricanes and tropical storms can create. The high winds, pelting rain, and projectiles are just some of the causes of serious damage. Here are just five hurricane-related dangers you need to be aware of and protect your home against:  

Storm Surge 

One of the deadliest aspects of hurricanes is a storm surge. This is where there is an alarmingly fast rise in sea level. These often create the most damage as the large flow of water mows everything down. Storm surges can reach heights of 20 feet and travel inland several miles.   

Inland Flooding 

Water damage is another leading concern, as you could have several inches of torrential rain or inland flooding entering your home. Water can cause extensive damage to both the furniture and structure of your home. It can lead to rot, decay, warping, and mold. These issues are expensive to repair and correct.   


Though relatively weak and short-lived, tornadoes can produce some of the most powerful winds. And they can cause serious destruction. About 20 percent of tornados are caused by hurricanes making landfall. They can produce tornados during the storm, but also for days afterward. This is why it is so important to take safety measures to minimize damage and loss.   

High Winds 

The severity of damage depends on the category and strength of the storm. During a hurricane, windows can reach over 150 mph right off the coast. This type of wind generates so much pressure that a standard door or window can’t withstand it. Doors will likely be blown in and windows shattered, and that will be only the start. As soon as the exterior envelope of the home is compromised the winds generate enough pressure to blow off the roof or blow down the walls. This is why protecting windows and doors is such an important step in preparing your home for hurricane season.   

Flying Debris 

Projectiles are another concern during a serious storm. Wind can tear down trees and houses and transform debris into destructive projectiles flying at your home. That said, damage from wind-blown debris is highly preventable. In addition to trimming unstable trees and repairing roofs and awnings, you can also protect your home with hurricane windows or impact shutters.   

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