Hurricane season in Florida (from June 1st to November 30th ) often results in billions of dollars in damage. And while you might be able to get a bit of relief through insurance, there are some damages you simply cannot compensate for. Things like lost photo albums, family histories, beloved artwork, and other priceless items. There is no getting them back if these possessions are damaged in a hurricane. Unfortunately, window failure is a leading reason why damages get so bad. They are often the weakest spot in your exterior envelope and one broken window is disastrous for the entire home. Here are just a few reasons and ways your windows can fail:

  1. Open Windows

In the past, homeowners had a theory that if you slightly opened the windows of your home, especially those on opposite ends, it would help dissipate some of the pressure and your home would more easily remain intact, but this isn’t true. Open windows allow even more pressure to build up inside your home and often results in the roof blowing off during a hurricane. In a category 5 storm, winds can pass 156 miles per hour.

  1. Unrepaired Windows

Despite notices from authorities, some homeowners fail to repair structural issues in their home. Until these items are properly addressed, you can’t expect your home to stand up against a hurricane. Especially vulnerable areas include damaged roofs, doors, and windows.

  1. Faulty Installation

Some homeowners try to tackle window installation on their own. The DIY approach in this case is more complicated than you might think. And even if you have impact resistant windows, if they do not get installed properly, the entire window can be blown inward during a hurricane.

  1. Windborne Debris

Hurricanes kick up all kinds of debris and eventually, a projectile will collide with your home. Roof tiles are especially dangerous and tend to blow off and cause a great deal of damage. Standard glass in older windows will shatter and fail, causing the same type of internal pressure as an open window. That is why hurricane shutters in Sarasota, FL are important…so you can protect the glass and prevent breaks in your exterior envelope.

  1. Procrastinating Protection

You can’t wait until the last minute to protect your home. Whether you choose to upgrade to hurricane impact resistant windows or need stronger hurricane shutters, make those preparations now. Leaving it to the last minute means you have to deal with longer wait times on your products and delayed installations.

While there is no way to build a home that is completely disaster proof, there are a lot of things you can do to help your home withstand hurricane damage. Some of those things include hurricane impact resistant windows or hurricane shutters. To get these products from a company you can trust, call 941-798-9010. At Armored Dade Windows and Shutters our main focus is to help protect our neighbors and their homes in Bradenton. For more information about how to prevent window failure in a hurricane visit 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210.