There is no way to prevent a hurricane from hitting your home town. But there are several things you can do to prepare for such a natural disaster. These steps can help minimize damage and maybe save your life.

  1. Monitor the Storms

During hurricane season it is important to keep up on the news. Keep up on the storm’s development and projected path so you know in advance if the hurricane is hitting your area. And always heed evacuation calls when your home is in imminent danger. Pay attention to where the news tells you is safe to go, pack up your family and emergency supplies, and find a shelter or loved ones you can stay with.

  1. Gather Food and Water Storage

As you know from the two recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, you can be left without power for days—even weeks after a storm. You need to store food that will last for at least three day, but non-perishable is best. Things like canned tuna, soft drinks, and dried fruits are easy to stock up on prior to an emergency and store with your emergency kits. Store infant formula and baby food, if you need it. You should also store one gallon of water per person. Non-prescription painkillers and medications are another good supply.

  1. Put Together a Disaster Kit

Essential items include flashlights, batteries, a whistle and your first aid kit. Include items like bandages, peroxide, and antibacterial ointment. Other items might include a change of clothes, blankets, a battery- or crank-powered radio, and backup portable chargers for your phone. You should also keep diapers and warm clothes for your baby, an extra collar or harness for your pet, and personal hygiene items.

  1. Keep Important Documents Safe and Handy

Along with your disaster kit you should also keep important documents in a waterproof, portable container. Things like insurance policies, personal identification, passports, and bank records make the top of the list. Emergency cash is something else you should keep in your kit, along with a copy of your driver’s license and bank cards.

  1. Take Care of your Pets

If you must evacuate, do not leave your pet behind. Prepare to take them with you. Find a pet friendly hotel on the evacuation route and pack plenty of food and water for your animals. You can try calling a shelter to see if they accept pets, but you may not have much luck because of public health concerns.

  1. Protect your Home

During a hurricane debris can fly at high speeds, shattering windows and damaging homes. You want to be sure you have secure roofing and reinforced doors. Hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors can offer protection against flying projectiles, but not everyone can afford to install them. Other options include hurricane shutters to put up before storms. Plywood does not meet South Florida building codes, but if installed properly it could help protect your home if you have nothing else. You should also keep your landscape free of debris to limit the risk of projectiles during the storm.

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