Bradenton Beach, FL has it all—including sunshine and beautiful weather almost year round. But what about those terrible tropical storms that are known to blow through? They are the reason why Florida homeowners must install storm shutters or hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors. More homeowners are turning to the latter as the best solution. The protection these windows and doors provide is unmatched, and will keep the exterior envelope of your home intact. And that is not all they can do.

Advantages of New Hurricane Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Aside from the obvious hurricane and impact resistance, these windows and doors also:

  1. Improve Security

Because of their impervious construction, these windows and doors add the highest level of protection and security to your home, and this includes break-ins. The windows do not shatter on impact. Instead the synthetic materials hold together, preventing penetration. Just like debris from a storm, any intruder would have a terrible time trying to get through your windows and doors.

  1. Lower Energy Expenses

Old windows can have a negative impact on your energy bill, and the cost can add up fast. New windows and doors have less heat transfer because advanced technologies and better insulation. They protect your home, not only shielding you from harsh storms, but also keeping you comfortable in all seasons. You will see significant cost savings.

  1. Decease Insurance Costs

When you choose to install hurricane-resistant windows and doors, you can get an insurance premium discount. These protective systems are recognized by most insurance companies, and all you need to do is ask your provider about the discounts.

  1. Reduce Harmful UV Rays

As most residents in Bradenton Beach, FL come to realize, the ultra-violet light from the sun can do a number on your furniture and fabrics. The UV light breaks down the materials and eventually the colors will fade. New hurricane impact-resistant windows and doors will change that. Special coatings will help repel harmful UV rays to keep you and your home protected against the damaging light.

  1. Reduce Unwanted Noise

Unwanted noise can be frustrating, especially if you live near a busy street or park. Fortunately these windows and doors can also reduce outside noise.

  1. Boost Resale Values

Your old windows will be one of the first things perspective home buyers notice—and could be the deal breaker. But new windows and doors can be a large part of the design, both inside and out. They can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home.

  1. Eliminate Need for Hurricane Shutters

Putting up and taking down hurricane shutters, while necessary, can feel like a hassle. When you choose hurricane-resistant windows and doors, it is a one-time installation. After that you do not have to worry about pulling your hurricane shutters out of storage every time there is the threat of a tropical storm.

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