Water coming in through your windows is a serious problem. It can lead to mold, warping, and structural damage. That is why it is critical to spot leaks early and deal with the issue quickly. Otherwise, the problem will simply worsen over time. Not sure what to look for? Here are a few subtle signs you can spot that often indicate water leaks around your windows:

  1. Water Accumulation

Yep, the most obvious sign of a window leak is a puddle forming on the sill or the floor by the window. Dead giveaway! You can’t let the water sit too long or it might seep into place you don’t want it going. If it simply leaked in because the window was open, you can mop it up, close the window, and move on. But if the window is shut, locked, and still leaking, you will have to dig a little deeper for a solution.

  1. Stains

This is the next obvious sign of water damage. Most will show spotting or stains in yellow, brown, or copper. The discoloration can appear and fade with rain and sun, or be permanent. You can try cleaning it up and clearing it away, but if it comes from a window leak, it won’t treat the underlying problem.

  1. Unpleasant Odor

Ever walk into a damp space and smell that musty odor? Dampness has a distinctive odor and is a giveaway that mold is growing somewhere. And because mold growth requires moisture, you likely have a leak somewhere. It could be because of the plumbing or water seeping in from somewhere outside.

  1. Mold Growth

Sometimes you can smell the mold before you see it. In addition to being ugly, fuzzy mold growth can produce airborne spores that can cause cold or allergy-like symptoms. Deal with it swiftly by drying and cleaning the area. Then you will have to deal with the leak.

  1. Peeling Paint

You might see paint flaking off of the drywall because of loose water inside the wall. The paint loses adhesion when the drywall becomes saturated. It can bubble, blister, fade and flake. Same goes for wallpaper.

  1. Sagging Wall or Ceiling

Saturated drywall also becomes extremely heavy and will start to sag under the weight. Eventually the structure will warp, crack, and buckle. If they collapse, water soaked walls and ceilings can be a safety hazard.

  1. Floor Effects

Water floods to the lowest points. It will seep under carpet, tile, vinyl, and even into the subfloor. And as it does it can cause all types of problems like warping, loose tiles, noticeable dampness, peeling linoleum and laminate. 

What to Do if You Find Signs of Water Damage around your Windows

The moment you notice any of the above signs of water damage, you need to get to work figuring out how far it has reached. And if it is coming from your window, you will want to get replacement windows as soon as possible. And, the best place for replacement hurricane impact resistant windows in Bradenton, FL and doors is Armored Dade Windows and Shutters. Contact 941-798-9010 or stop by 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210 to set up a consultation right away.