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There are lots of brands that offer windows, doors, and shutters. We have extensive experience with most of those in the industry. After carefully reviewing what’s out there, we choose to carry these impressive brands. 

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Why do you need impact windows, shutters, and doors?

Impact rated windows are a great choice to provide protection for homes, condos, businesses, and buildings fromAna Marie Island  Black Out Windows wind-borne debris and vicious winds that are present during a hurricane.

Florida building codes were dramatically revised after Hurricane Andrew’s destruction of the Miami-Dade area, specifically Homestead, FL, in 1992. The root cause of roof damage during a hurricane is the rapid pressure changes. These pressure changes create powerful “pull-push-pull” cycles to loosen and separate roofs from their mountings.

The high wind velocities generate high and low pressures as these winds whip around buildings, trees, hills, open waters, and everything in their paths. Many Florida roofs have barrel tile, which can be a significant source of destructive flying debris when these tiles are released into hurricane winds.

Almost explosive forces occur when a window or door suddenly opens because the building’s internal pressure increases. The high velocity winds passing over the roof create a vacuum and simply rip the roof off. This roof destruction allows additional wind-borne debris to smash windows and doors, making the home or building uninhabitable.

The understanding of the destructive nature of hurricanes led to the evolution of today’s impact rating and testing systems. The goal is to protect people as much as possible by keeping roofs attached to homes and buildings during hurricanes.

Now for the good news…

Ana Marie Island Black Out WindowsArmored Dade has been helping homes and businesses upgrade their windows, entry doors, sliding glass doors, and garage doors since 2005. Collectively, we have decades’ worth of experience in remodeling, window and door replacement, and condominium impact door and window retrofit. Our understanding of construction methods and challenges is key to our success in getting a great-looking and functioning replacement impact windows and doors completed. We use care to match the window and door styles and overall appearance with the aesthetics of the home and property.

Significant progress has been made in the understanding of the mechanics of the destructive forces of hurricane winds. This has been used to update the codes specifying the strength values and qualification tests for buildings and their key structural components: roof attachments, water barriers, shingle/tile fastening, garage door strengths, and impact rated windows and doors.

Our talented and experienced crews go beyond other companies to fix, smooth, transition, caulk, paint, and blend so beautifully, it is virtually impossible to tell which windows and doors have been replaced. Our installers are careful to use tarps, plastic wraps, and other coverings during the window and door replacement process to keep homes as free as possible from debris and dust. It is a commitment that our customers appreciate.

We have an extensive cross section of manufacturers, window and door types, designs, and styles. We chose our products to meet either the Florida Building Code, with Wind-Borne Debris maps listing 130 mph, or the more stringent requirements for Miami-Dade County, with wind-borne debris velocities of 150 mph.

Typical Recommendations:
  • Vinyl frames: white, bronze, and desert sand
  • Insulated glass or double pane
  • Low E or LoE, available in LoE-240, LoE-270, LoE-366
  • Dry air, dry nitrogen, or argon back-filling in dead air space

Here on the Sun Coast of West Central Florida, we recommend vinyl framed windows and patio doors. We recommend insulated glazing, commonly known as double pane, because it has weather-sealed “dead air space” that protects interiors from Florida’s hot and humid weather.

Further, we strongly encourage that the glazing have Low E, which is an excellent sputtered metal coating in the Black Out Windows Ana Marie Islandinner layers, for low emissivity coating. This does an amazingly effective job of reflecting the sun’s radiant heat rays, which protects homes’ interiors from the hot Florida summer sun. This coating still allows so much of the visible light through that the effect is akin to looking through lightly tinted sunglasses.

We have many customers who have and prefer aluminum framed windows (white or bronze), wood-clad windows, and wood frame windows like they had “up North.” The wood or wood clad windows have the challenge of shielding against the high humidity and abundant rain here in Florida, and they tend to need attention after 5-10 years.

Our Window & Door suppliers now combine this environmental weather resistance with the commitment to meet and exceed the aggressive Florida Building Code specifications. Products must demonstrate the ability to withstand the combinations of large and small missile impact testing with positive and negative pressure testing and water exclusion. So if you need Ana Marie Island Black Out Windows, give us a call!

Impact Window and Patio Door Types we offer:

  • Single hung
  • Double hung
  • Horizontal roller or horizontal Sliding
  • Casement
  • Projected casement or awning
  • Sliding glass doors, by-pass or pocket
  • French doors
  • Single swing doors with or without sidelights

Our customers appreciate the value we bring with our products, people, and overall performance. Our customers strongly recommend us to their friends and family, which we highly value and respect.

Armored Dade Windows & Shutters suppliers and products include but are not limited to:

  • Jeld-Wen
  • Croci
  • StormSmart
  • Custom Window Systems
  • Eastern Architectural Systems
  • AHT
  • Hurst Awning Systems
  • Therma-Tru
  • Masonite

Armored Dade Windows & Shutters is a well-established company in the Bradenton/Sarasota area and excited to service your Ana Marie Island needs in Black Out Windows. We are dedicated to serving the Gulf Coast and bringing the “normal” business/customer relationship to a much more comfortable and personal level. In fact, we are proud to say that most of our business comes from the best source a company could ask for – word of mouth from satisfied customers.


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