In Bradenton, FL window shutters are a must have—even in addition to impact resistant windows. Shutters give you that extra peace of mind that comes with the protection of your home during the unthinkable. But when choosing new impact resistant hurricane shutters, there are several things to think about if you want to enhance the curb appeal and boost the value of your home. Not all shutters have to be the basic aluminum shutters. The most common shutter styles include storm panels, roll-down, accordion, Colonial, and Bahama. They will vary in quality, strength, cost, and availability depending on your provider and location. Here is what you should consider:

Window Size

Before deciding on the type of shutters you prefer, you need to look at the sizes you will need for each opening. You need shutters to fit snuggly against the wall or window, otherwise they will not perform as they should. For example, dual shutters must measure exactly half the window size. You need to take the time to precisely measure your windows from edge to edge and corner to corner. That way you can not only give the dimensions to your shutter provider, but also figure out which options will be best for the openings in your home. And if you are uncomfortable, or unsure about taking measurements, you can get a shutter provider to do it for you.


Another thing to think about is where your windows are. If some of your windows are close to the corners of your home, you want to make sure your shutters of choice do not hang over the edges. Otherwise they will catch the window and pull right off.


Again you have several options. Most shutters are made from aluminum, steel, or strong wood. You can also choose storm screens or hurricane fabric. When deciding on the right material you want to think about your budget, the level of protection, and how much visibility and light you want when the shutters are in place.

Home Design

When purchasing your home you probably spent a lot of time thinking about the design, both inside and out. You thought about the shape and the style and what best matched your needs and personal taste. When buying storm shutters you want to think about the same things. How is your home shaped? Where are the windows located? How many windows are there? Granted, the functionality of your storm shutters far outweighs the aesthetics. But if you can find shutters that complement the exterior style of your home, and don’t make it look too busy or overbearing, it can really make a difference. If you have several windows on each wall you should think about simple shutter designs, like roll-up shutters. If you only have one or two windows on a wall, you can use something a little more elaborate, like Bahama or Colonial style shutters.

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