When it comes to finding the right hurricane shutters in Sarasota, FL you need to know your options. Here are the seven protection products we provide at Armored Dade Windows & Shutters:   

  1. Hurricane Fabric

This protection system features resin-coated hybrid fabric meant to protect fenestrations against water, wind, and projectiles. It is stored in a special casing above the window, and you attach it manually to the anchors. You can deploy hurricane fabric over windows, doors, and other openings. It is lightweight, easy to install, and built to last. And compared to other hurricane shutters, it is one of the most cost-effective options on the market.   

  1. Storm CatcherScreens 

These are another fabric based protection system. But unlike hurricane fabric, these screens allow more light to filter in and visibility so you can see out. It is a highly innovative solution that provides serious protection.   

  1. RollDown Shutters 

Rolling shutters are a more permanent fixture. They unroll from a box bolted above the windows and doors of your home. These shutters are made from metal or polycarbonate and you use a trigger or mechanical cranking system to unroll the shutters. The shutters move along the tracks to either side of the opening and bolt securely at the bottom. Roll down shutters are some of the strongest protection solutions on the market.   

  1. Accordion Shutters

These are another system permanently attached to the home. These are hinged panels stored in a box to either side of a window. Again, these shutters are made of polycarbonate or metal. Homeowners deploy them by unhinging them and anchoring them either in the middle or across to the opposite end of the window. This style is usually more affordable than roll down shutters but still provides great protection.   

  1. Bahama Shutters

Looking to add protection and a distinct aesthetic to the exterior of your home? Bahama awnings or shutters are well suited to both. They mount above the windows on hinges. To deploy them during a hurricane you simply secure them below the window. Otherwise, they prop or latch open to cover your windows in shade and protect your home against unwanted heat gains.    

  1. Colonial Shutters

These more traditional shutters also add a more distinctive aesthetic to the outside of your home. They look much like decorative shutters found on other homes across the country. But these shutters are not just for show. Colonial hurricane shutters mount to either side of a window in single, bi-fold, or tri-fold style. They are made from aluminum or polycarbonate. And you can latch the shutters in the middle for protection, or fold them out of the way.   

  1. Storm Panels

This protection system is usually made of steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate sheets you attach manually to the exterior of your home. They are affordable and effective, but they also take up a lot of storage space once you remove them. They can also be difficult to install yourself.   

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