Aluminum windows have been around for a long time. They became popular because the material was so versatile and affordable. But as more modern materials came on the market, aluminum windows quickly took a back seat. Now aluminum replacement windows in Bradenton Beach, FL are making a resurgence. Unfortunately, many homeowners still harbor some surprising misconceptions about these products. To help dispel some of those myths, here are the real ansers to questions about aluminum replacement windows.

Do Aluminum Windows Cause Condensation? 

Just as vinyl windows have had major advances, so too have aluminum windows. No windows can completely eliminate condensation forever. Condensation stems from a variety of factors including indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, glass surface temperature, and the amount of humidity in the air. Thus, the possibility of condensation always exists. That said, modern aluminum window frames have the latest thermal break technology. These windows have hollow chambers filled with insulation. Compared to other frame materials aluminum can have similar u-values and excellent energy efficiency.   

Are Aluminum Windows Secure? 

It is true, aluminum windows are thin and light. A lot of homeowners think this means they are not as secure as other materials because they look so delicate. The fact is aluminum frames are some of the most burglar resistant windows on the market. The slender frames are incredibly strong. So not only can they hold larger panes of glass, but can also withstand determined attacks from criminal opportunists or hurricane debris.   

Are Aluminum Windows Durable? 

Absolutely. Structural integrity is not a common problem for these types of replacement windows. But in addition to the load-bearing ability, aluminum windows are coated in high performance powder coatings. They resist water and UV damage and require minimal maintenance.   

Do Aluminum Windows have Customization Options?  

Most homeowners are used to seeing the old aluminum window frames. They were always plain sliver, uninteresting, and never did much to compliment the aesthetic of a home. But that is all in the past. Today aluminum windows go through a process called powder coating and you can get a finish in practically any shade and hue. If you opt for aluminum replacement windows you will not be disappointed by the range of both color and design options.   

Are Aluminum Replacement Windows a Bad Investment?  replacement windows in Bradenton Beach, FL

There is no doubt getting replacement windows, of any kind, is an investment. But the energy efficiency, security, and durability of aluminum window frames make them a great value.   

Based on the performance of antiquated products, you can see where some of these myths come from. But modern products have come a long way. At Armored Dade Windows & Shutters we want to deliver aluminum replacement windows in Bradenton Beach, FL with long-term quality and endurance. For more information about our products you can stop by 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210 to talk with one of our experts. Or you can call 941-798-9010 to set up a consultation to find out if aluminum windows are the right choice for you.