If you live in Florida you well know that not all storm shutters are created equal. You want to find the right products for protection, but that also compliment your home and don’t break the bank. Fortunately, Armored Dade offers several different types of storm shutters in North Port, FL including:   

  1. Hurricane Fabric

This is a durable and affordable option for many homeowners in Florida. The high tech fabric allows for light and visibility while also protecting the home against high winds, water damage, and projectiles. And while it is not permanently secured to the home, hurricane fabric is lightweight and easy to deploy.    

  1. Storm Panels

These installations are usually made from corrugated steel or aluminum. They attach directly to the walls on bolts around doors and windows. They are strong and durable, providing exceptional protection during a hurricane. They are also removable so they do not impact the appearance of the home. That said, storm panels can be cumbersome to install, and you do need separate storage space to house panels when not in use.   

  1. Storm Screens

Many homeowners prefer storm screens to protect larger openings such as balconies and entryways. Again they are lightweight, easy to deploy, and you can still see through them to the outside. These products have unobtrusive anchoring systems.   

  1. Accordion Shutters

These types of shutters attach permanently to either side of windows or doors and unfold like an accordion. It is fast and easy to use accordion shutters to make your home storm ready. Unfortunately, some of these shutters can look bulky and out of place on the exterior of your home. And because they glide on wheels across a track to deploy, they have a greater potential to break more easily.   

  1. RollDown Shutters 

These impact shutters attach above the window in an enclosed box and roll down for deployment. Because they are permanently mounted to the home they do not require additional storage. These are likely the easiest storm shutter to operate. One person can easily make a home storm ready.   

  1. Bahama Shutters

These are one-piece, louvered shutters that attach above windows. When not in use the are propped open. When lowered and secured against the wall these shutters are storm ready. But one thing many homeowners don’t like about Bahama Shutters is they block too much light.   

  1. Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are what people typically think of when they picture window shutters. These installations attach to either side of the window and fold together in the center for protection. They are permanently affixed to the house, but you can also open them fully when not in use for plenty of light and ventilation.   

Granted, when a hurricane rolls through, securing plywood over your windows is better than nothing. But these products offer better protection for your home and belongings. For more information on storm shutters in North Port, FL contact Armored Dade Windows & Shutters at (941) 798-9010 or visit our storefront at 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210.