With hurricane season in full force, instead of hoping for the best you need to take steps to prepare for the worst. You should protect your family and prevent as much damage as you possibly can. But with countless types of hurricane shutters in Lakewood Ranch, FL, it can be hard to figure out which products are the best and safest for your home. Do you want temporary or permanent shutters? How do you know you are getting the best protection? Here is what you need to consider when you start shopping for protective barriers:  

Hurricane Shutter Requirements  

Every year Florida faces the fury of hurricanes and severe storms. As a result, the state has implemented building codes homeowners are expected to follow in the event of a hurricane. Compliance with the building codes not only protects your property but can make your insurance claims stronger in the event of a natural disaster. So when looking at hurricane shutters they must: 

  • Be labeled with NOA or Florida Product Approval, “Hurricane Tested” alone is not adequate 
  • Meet or exceed local code 
  • Be installed by a licensed and insured contractor 

Types of Hurricane Shutters 

Protective barriers come in two major categories: temporary and permanent.   

Temporary Hurricane Shutters 

Temporary shutters are deployed before a storm and then removed and stored out of sight. That said, you should still permanently attach the mounting mechanisms for these types of shutters outside of your windows. Some temporary shutters include hurricane fabric, storm screens, and storm panels. You can usually deploy these shutters in less than a couple hours and they can provide great protection for your home.   

Permanent Hurricane Shutters 

Permanent shutters are always attached to the exterior of your home so you can deploy them at a moment’s notice. Some permanent shutters operate on a motor, while others you must deploy manually. Accordion and roll down shutters have a storage box attached to the building for when they are not in use. Bahama and Colonial shutters open and close on hinges, but are always visible.   

Questions to Consider 

Before purchasing any permanent or temporary hurricane shutters you need to consider these questions: 

  • Are you a year-round resident? 
  • Do you live in a single story home? 
  • Can you install temporary shutters on your own? 
  • Do you have the necessary tools to install temporary shutters? 
  • Do you live in an area where storms are very rare, but storm shutters are still required? 

If you answered no to any of the above questions, the permanent storms shutters might be the best option for you. If you answered yes, you might give temporary shutters some extra consideration.   

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