Windows are the weakest link in the exterior envelope of your home and are prone to energy losses, breakage, and failure. One solution is storm windows, but few homeowners know much about them. So here are answers to the most common questions people have about storm windows in Palmetto, FL:  

What are Storm Windows? 

These are windows installed in or on top of existing windows frames, in addition to the original sash. You can choose to install storm windows inside or outside the home, depending on the amount of space you have in the window frame. Storm windows can be a smart addition if you have old, drafty, single pane windows and you can leave them up all year round. But the fact is, these windows have little to do with actual storms.   

What are Storm Windows Good For? 

Storm windows are a more affordable alternative to replacement windows. Modern storm windows are not like the old, ill-fitting options of the past. These sleek, durable, aluminum frame panels provide a tight air seal when installed properly. They add an extra layer of protection to your windows to improve efficiency and prevent air leaks. And storm windows with low-E coatings can also help reduce unwanted heat gain in the summer. Bottom line, storm windows are meant to provide savings on heating and cooling.   

Will Storm Windows Help Protect My Home during a Hurricane?  

Storm windows are not the same has hurricane impact resistant windows. Interior storm windows only offer extra insulation to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Exterior storm windows might offer some added protection in a hurricane, but not to the same level as hurricane shutters or hurricane windows. Impact shutters and windows are specifically built to withstand high winds and impacts from flying debris. No other products meet the standard building codes for the area.    

Should I Just Buy Hurricane Windows?  

Living in a warmer climate it isn’t as easy to justify storm windows. These installations are mostly used on historic homes where replacement windows generally can’t be done at an affordable price. Homeowners also use storm windows as an affordable way to beef up cheap, aluminum windows. But eventually, old windows will reach a point of dilapidation where even storm windows cannot save them. In these cases, it might save you some time, money, and hassle to just upgrade to hurricane windows.   

What are Hurricane Windows? 

The State of Florida has been the driving force for the development and manufacturing of hurricane resistant windows. These products feature stronger frames and treated glass meant to keep the exterior envelope of your home intact during a hurricane or severe storm. Instead of breaking into large shards, hurricane resistant windows may crack on impact, but will not break. An interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) holds the glass firmly in place. These products undergo rigorous testing to make sure they meet the highest standards of safety and security.   

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