Modern construction grade vinyl is remarkable. It is an all-weather material that holds up well, especially in a hot, humid, and tropical climate. It is impervious to moisture and does not warp or fade due to heat. It will not rust, corrode, scratch, or succumb to pests. That said, not all vinyl windows are created the same. You want to know you are getting a quality product made of high grade material. How you can be sure? Ask yourself or your window professional these questions:

What is the Cost?

While not the most important factor to consider, cost can help you determine quality. Typically, there is a reason for the variation. Don’t base your decision solely on the price. There are several other aspects to consider that will determine the quality of the material and help you make the right decision about vinyl windows.

Is the Material Newly Made or Re-Ground?

If you are environmentally conscious, you understand that vinyl is recyclable. But you may not want your new vinyl windows to be made from recycled vinyl. It could compromise the quality.

What is the Recipe?

Manufacturers use a unique combination of ingredients when producing vinyl windows. Most contain a combination of fillers, chemicals, plasticizers, and pigments. Ingredients you want to watch for in particular include organic tin and titanium dioxide. These help improve the strength of the material, enhance thermal resistance, and work to prevent yellowing.

Does it have a Bluish Tint?

Sometimes manufacturers will mask a lack of organic tin and titanium dioxide with a bluish tint. It will help postpone yellowing for a time, but will not make up for that fact that those critical elements are missing. So if you notice a bluish tint, verify if it is to help prevent yellowing or if it is simply an aesthetic addition.

Does the Frame have Multiple Chambers?

Where possible, ask to see a cross section of the vinyl window frame. You will want to see multiple interlocking chambers. More chambers increases the stability of the frame and gives installers more spaces for insulation. This improves energy efficiency and your windows will last for years.

How Thick is the Vinyl?

The ingredients and make-up of the vinyl is important, but so is the thickness. While looking at a cross section of a window, double-check the vinyl’s thickness. It will be a good gauge of quality and strength. Thicker vinyl will usually signify a higher quality vinyl window.

Are the Corners Jointed or Welded?

Frame construction is also important. In the past, manufacturers would use brackets, caulking, and screws to hold vinyl windows together. While functional, these bonds would often break down and leak over time. Fusion-welding ensures the tightest, strongest seal where the material meets in the corners of the frame. In fact, with high quality vinyl windows, you will probably not be able to pick out the seam at all.

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