You have probably seen news reels and the pictures in the newspapers—the devastation of a tropical storm or hurricane. High winds and pelting rain cause serious damage and leave unfathomable wreckage in their wake. With hurricane season on the horizon, it is no wonder so many homeowners are taking action and investing in impact-resistant windows and doors or hurricane shutters. It isn’t just a suggestion, but established in all of the local building codes. Understanding the effects of hurricanes, and what might happen without proper protection, will clear away any doubts you have about these home upgrades.

What Happens to your Home During a Hurricane?

Depending on the category and strength of a storm, you might experience winds over 150 miles per hour during a hurricane. That will apply extreme pressure to the outside of your home. A regular window or door just can’t hold up. The door might shudder and get blown in or the windows will break, sending glass shards scattering. And that is just the start of what could happen.

Once the exterior envelope is broken, your home is completely exposed. Water damage is a major concern. You might get several inches of rain during or storm or flood. There is also flying debris that can lead to more extensive injury and damage. But ultimately the biggest concern is the high wind speed. If that pressure gains entrance to your home it can put stress on the entire structure. The roof, the walls, and the other windows and doors are now completely vulnerable and your entire home could be blown apart in mere minutes.

Invest in Hurricane Shutters to Protect Your Home

With the extreme force of hurricanes and tropical storms, it is critical to protect your home and loved ones. You need to install hurricane shutters, especially if you do not have hurricane-resistant windows and doors. These easy-to-use installations come in a variety of styles and materials. They protect these weak points in the exterior envelope, shielding them from debris and gale-force winds. And don’t just cover your windows. Any door with considerable amounts of glass needs to be protected as well. You might also consider shuttering your garage doors or investing in impact-rated doors. All this will help keep the building envelope intact.

In addition to protecting your possessions and property, hurricane shutters have other benefits. Many insurance companies now offer a significant discount if you install rated hurricane protection on all doors and windows. They also help boost the resale value of your home.

Call Armored Dade Windows and Shutters for Protection

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