It is important to protect your windows during hurricane season, but it is equally important to take care of your storm shutters in the offseason. You don’t want a wheel to seize or a shutter to get stuck when a hurricane rolls through. You need your storm shutters in Venice, FL to work properly. For most products, you should clean them twice a year, or more if you live close to the coast. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your storm shutters in top shape:   

How to Maintain Accordion Shutters 

With accordion shutters, you want to keep the tracks clear by washing and lubricating them often. Use a silicone spray to help avoid the buildup of dirt and salt. You also want to wash your accordion shutters with soap and warm water before letting them dry and storing them away for the season. Do not use harsh cleaners, pressure washers, or abrasive tools because this could damage the shutters. In the offseason, you also want to examine and operate your shutters once a month to help keep tracks clear and check fasteners and moving parts.   

How to Maintain Roll Down Shutters 

Build up like dirt, salt, and sand can be damaging to the materials of your shutters. So again, with roll down shutters, you want to make sure the tracks are clear of debris and well lubricated. Spray silicone lubricant on the inside of the tracks on both the left and right sides. You also want to lubricate the felt inside the tracks all the way up and down. Then roll the shutters up and down two or three times for smooth operation. You should also wash your shutters with the hose to remove sand and salt, and also remove any debris from inside the hood. Allow the shutters time to dry before rolling them up for storage.   

How to Maintain Solid Storm Panels  

Remove panels and lubricate screws, bolts, and all moving parts. Wash the panels with water and mild soap, allowing them time to dry before storing. And to prevent damage you should store metal panels on blocks in a dry, covered area. Always use gloves when handling and lay them flat on wood blocks to keep them off the ground.   

How to Maintain Bahama and Colonial Shutters 

Because these are permanent fixtures on your home it is important to keep them looking new. Wash the shutters and tracks with water and mild soap before rinsing clear. You should also lubricate threaded parts as well as any moving parts with lithium grease.   

How to Maintain Hurricane Fabric 

You should also wash your fabric panels so they do not get discolored, moldy, or torn. You can wash hurricane fabric with mild soap and water and allow it time to dry before folding it and storing it away.   

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