Upgrade Your Anna Maria, FL Home with Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Are you looking for ways to improve the quality of your home in Anna Maria, FL? There are many options for renovations and home improvements, but you need to consider the best solutions to bring the most value to your family.

One thing to consider is the safety of your home during hurricane season. Will your property hold up in the storm if a hurricane moves through the area? If you want to keep your home safe during the storm, you need to be sure you have invested in hurricane impact resistant windows and doors.

At Armored Dade Windows & Shutters, we are here to help with those window upgrades. Our team has worked with many clients in Anna Maria, FL and the surrounding areas. We know the best products and services to improve the strength and durability of your windows.

What are Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors?

If you aren’t familiar with the windows industry, you might wonder why these windows are different from other products that are available. These windows are built in a way that reduces the likelihood of shattered glass and storm damage inside a home during a hurricane.

The foundation of high-quality windows is choosing a design with shatter resistant glass. The windows are designed to have two panes of glass with a protective layer in between. If the window is impacted by something flying through the air during the storm, the window might crack, but it won’t scatter glass everywhere. The protective layer holds the glass in place to keep your home protected.

Why You Need to Protect the Windows

Keeping strong windows in place is the first line of defense in a strong storm. If the windows are broken, the winds and rain will move into your home and cause serious damage. Broken windows are a weak point that can affect the overall structural integrity of the property. These open spaces allow the winds to move inside, which changes the air pressure. As a result, high levels of pressure are placed on the roof and structure of the home. Eventually, this pressure can pull the roof off, resulting in damage that might be beyond repair.

Low-quality windows won’t hold up when the storm starts to rage outside. If the windows are broken, you will need to repair the glass and you will possibly have thousands of dollars in other repair bills as well. In comparison, high-quality windows might crack or break, but if you can avoid shattering glass, you don’t have to stress about the additional damage to the structure of the building.

Invest in the Upgrades to Your Home

As you can see, the right investment is essential if you want to keep your home protected during hurricane season. These windows might seem like an expensive investment, but they are worth every penny if a hurricane comes to Anna Maria, FL.

In addition to the hurricane protection, high-quality windows and doors are also beneficial for many other reasons. When you have good windows in place, they can improve the energy efficiency of your home. It can get hot during the summer months in Florida, resulting in a situation where your air conditioner is running all day long to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Low-quality windows can leak as much as 40% of the cool air, which increases the amount of time that the air conditioner needs to run. Using the air conditioner more often will increase your energy usage, which in turn runs up your expenses each month.

High quality, insulated windows will reduce the transfer of heat to help reduce your monthly expenses. These savings in your utility bills can be beneficial to help you recover some of the money invested in the new windows and doors.

Additionally, high-quality windows are beneficial because they increase the value of your home. If you decide to sell the property, an appraiser will look at the quality and condition to determine value. High-quality windows will increase the l value, helping you maximize your equity when you are ready to sell.

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