During a severe storm, potentially losing a home or loved ones are a lot of Florida residents’ greatest nightmares. This is why many families choose to relocate rather than ride out a hurricane or severe storm. And because Bradenton, FL is in an area regularly affected by hurricanes and storms, homes must meet a certain standard. That way, they have a better chance of holding up against flooding, winds, rain, and debris. This is why hurricane shutters are the go-to option for many homeowners to meet the stringent building codes. But do they actually work?

What are Hurricane Shutters?

Technically, any window or door covering that is designed to protect the building envelope and withstand storm conditions is considered a hurricane shutter. In fact, one affordable option many homeowners choose is to install plywood as makeshift hurricane shutters. But what they do not understand is that plywood can easily fail and leave your home vulnerable. Professionally manufactured and installed hurricane shutters will be more durable, provide better protection, and last much longer.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from. Storm fabric hurricane shutters are made of high-tech fabric that will protect you against high winds and projectiles, but also allows natural light to filter through. Storm panels are corrugated metal shutters attached to the walls around windows and doors on bolts. Accordion shutters unfold accordion style to cover and protect home openings during a storm. Roll-down hurricane shutters attach above a window, and roll up for storage in an enclosed box.

How do they Work?

Winds during hurricanes and severe storms are often strong and destructive. They have the potential to cause serious damage to your home, especially if your windows and doors are not protected. If winds breach the exterior envelope of your home, it can cause dangerous changes in pressure that can blow off the roof or blow down walls. Hurricane shutters work by sealing off the entrances to your home and disrupting air pressure. They also protect the glass so it isn’t shattered by flying projectiles.

Who Needs Hurricane Shutters?

Ideally, all homeowners and businesses in areas frequented by severe storms should have a set of hurricane shutters on their property or in storage. Even if you are required to evacuate, installing hurricane shutters can provide protection. The only other option are hurricane impact resistant windows and doors.

Who Should I Call to Install Hurricane Shutters?

Because shutters can be the difference between losing and saving your home in a severe storm, you want to make sure to have them installed correctly. At Armored Dade Windows and Shutters, we make it a priority to help protect your family and property during a major storm. And our prices are meant to fit every budget! You can get durable and secure hurricane shutters Bradenton, FL by calling 941-798-9010. If you have questions about protecting your home during a severe storm, stop by 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL 34210 to talk to one of our professionals and check out some of our hurricane shutters.