Due to their durability, protection, and dependability, the use of impact windows has grown in Florida over the last few years. They have been rigorously tested to meet the highest standards and specific needs of the area. They work for both commercial and private property. Because they prevent broken glass and property damage, impact windows are one of the most prudent investments you can make. They also help lower your utility bills, cut insurance premiums, reduce unwanted noise, and improve the resale value of your home. And that is not all. Impact windows can also protect your home against harmful UV rays and intruders. If you want the kind of assurance that comes from hurricane windows in Bradenton Beach,FL here are the five things you need to know

How Hurricane Windows are Different

These protective windows feature beefed up aluminum frames and annealed or tempered glass. Some hurricane windows feature two panes of glass bonded to a shatter resistant intermediate layer. The plastic film is made of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). Another type of impact window is made of glass-clad polycarbonate, for larger impacts. So instead of breaking into large and dangerous shards, the glass adheres to the film on impact and largely remains in place. This is important because it will help maintain the envelope of the structure and reduce the risk of rapid pressurization.

Types of Hurricane Windows

There are windows designed for small missile impacts and large missile impacts. The small missile windows have a thinner interlayer, while the large missile windows have a thicker, stiffer, and more structural interlayer.

During testing, the small missile windows must be able to withstand various small impacts traveling at the speed of 80 feet per second and remain intact at wind loads of 9,000 cycles. The large missile windows must withstand the impact of a nine pound 2×4 traveling at 50 feet per second and also remain intact at wind loads of 9,000 cycles. Windows located at 30 feet or less need to pass the large missile test, and windows located 30 feet or more above ground must pass either the large or small missile test. Look for the labels and certificates to tell you which products meet the requirements.

Retrofit vs Replacement Hurricane Windows

For sufficient protection you do not want to retrofit an existing window with laminated glass. In order for hurricane windows to work as designed, you need to replace the entire window system. The frames are stronger and ensure stability, giving your hurricane windows a strong foundation.

Impact windows are here to stay. So if you live in Bradenton, FL where hurricanes and severe storms occasionally roll through, you need to take precautions. Hurricane windows can withstand flying debris and damaging winds, helping to keep your property and loved ones safe. To get a free estimate for hurricane windows in Bradenton contact Armored Dade Windows and Shutters. You can call 941-798-9010 to schedule your appointment today. Or you can stop by 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210 to check out some of our products.