With hurricane Irma five months behind us and nearly cleaned up, the next hurricane season is only months away. During that in between time, many Florida residents aren’t thinking ahead. Instead, many people are putting off preparing until hurricane season is closer. This is worrisome, to say the least. Some lead times for aluminum and metal hurricane shutters in Palmetto, FL can take up to three months. Not only does this delay your installation, but can leave you unprotected if a hurricane strikes early. And those lead times only worsen when things pick up during the season. Since your home is one of your largest investments, you don’t want to put off preparing. Protection should be your top priority so you are not scrambling at the last minute. Here are a few things you can do now to start preparing your home.

  1. Invest in Surge Protection

If you have been through a severe storm before, you probably know that power surges can occur. This will instantly damage your electronics and appliances. Help protect your property by adding a power surge protector to your electrical box. You can also use power strips with surge protectors. Even your heating and air conditioning could use protection to reduce the risk of surge damage. During a severe storm, try to unplug most of your electronics for the best protection.

  1. Seal Window and Door Leaks

You don’t want leaky windows and doors letting water in during a severe storm. So take a minute to test your windows and doors for leaks and use caulking and insulation to seal any gaps you can find. This will give you great protection and will help make your home more energy efficient.

  1. Clear Drains and Gutters

You should always keep your gutters and downspouts clear. This will help keep the flow of water down your roof and away from your home, preventing roof damage and flooding. You also want to trim any trees and shrubs that are touching your home so they don’t rub against the roof during a storm.

  1. Prepare for Long-Term Outages

Think about purchasing a generator. You don’t need the most expensive product that can power the entire house. You just need something large enough to power the fridge and a few essentials. And if you have a well pump or sump pump, you will want to power those as well. While you are at it, make sure your sump pump is operating correctly.

  1. Invest in Hurricane Shutters

Plywood is functional, but it isn’t meant for long-term protection. Investing in metal hurricane shutters is one of the best things you can do for your home. You can start the process now by calling Armored Dade Windows and Shutters.  The sooner you do, the better you can feel about the approaching hurricane season. Call 941-798-9010 to get in touch with one of our professionals today. They can come to your home and give you a quote for hurricane shutters and Palmetto, FL and get you started on the process today. Or you can stop by our storefront at 8112 Cortez Rd. West, Bradenton, FL. 34210 to check out some off our product offerings.