In places like Bradenton, FL that have a regular risk of hurricanes, it is important to take direct steps to protect your home against window damage and flying debris. This includes installing permanent or temporary protections for your doors and windows. This will reduce your risk of injury and help protect your property in case of a tropical storm or hurricane. But what style of hurricane shutter is best for your home? Luckily with these two hurricane styles you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home for functionality. You can get curb appeal and protection with Colonial and Bahama style shutters. Here is what you need to know about each one.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial-style hurricane shutters are much like decorative shutters. They permanently mount to both sides of the window. They attach to either side of your windows and the louvered shutters can fold tight to protect your windows. You can choose single, double, or triple fold shutters and they come in a variety of colors and materials to match the aesthetic of your home. But these do more than just sit and look pretty.

Pros of Colonial Shutters

Because they are permanently attached beside your windows they do not require any extra storage, like traditional storm panels. Also, one person can make your home storm-ready because they are so easy to operate and install.

Cons of Colonial Shutters

Some colonial shutters require a central rod, or storm bar, which takes longer to install. Also, these hurricane shutters are just for windows. They do not work well for doors or patios. So you will likely have to combine them with another shutter style if you want complete protection for your home.

Bahama Shutters

Also known as awning shutters, these bring the look and feel of their namesake islands to your home. They give you style, shade, and protection. The top-hinge mounting system is durable, long lasting, and easy to install when a storm rolls through. All you have to do is lower them over your windows and secure them to the wall.

Pros of Bahama Shutters

Again, because these permanently attach above your windows they do not require any extra storage space. They also give you excellent shade and privacy, even if the shutters are open. This is especially nice for a normally hot and sunny climate.

Cons of Bahama Shutters

While they do provide adequate protection, these hurricane and impact resistant shutters are traditionally weaker than other systems. That said, some of the newer models protect much better. And if you don’t like shade, then these shutters might block out too much light for your personal taste. And, like Colonial shutters, you cannot use this style to protect doors or other openings.

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