While hurricane and impact resistant windows are becoming more popular, they are still fairly expensive. Most homeowners simply can’t afford the upgrade and want to prepare right now. So when it comes to protection for windows and doors, hurricane shutters are still one of the most economical solutions. Here is what you need to know about the different styles and the pros and cons that come with each:

Storm Panels

These aluminum or steel hurricane shutters attach directly to the wall around your windows on tracks or bolts. Usually the metal is corrugated, and the pieces overlap with each other for maximized strength and durability.

Pros of Storm Panels

Of the permanent shutter solutions, these storm panels are the most affordable option. They are also removable and will not change the aesthetic of your home when they are not in use. And, most importantly, these coverings are strong and durable, giving you high quality protection for windows and doors.

Cons of Storm Panels

A major drawback is that your large storm panels require storage when they are not in use. And you can’t simply stack them outside, or they might rust. So they will take up space in your garage or shed. Also, because the panels are large, they can be heavy and difficult to hang. Some may even have sharp edges or corners that can be dangerous. Usually installation will take more than one person to line up the bolts and secure them. Also, storm panels may not line up properly. Some homeowners forget to check the storm panels when they purchase a home, and later discover panels are missing, improperly sized, or too heavy to install.

Accordion Shutters

These hurricane shutters offer lifelong protection for windows, doors, sliding glass, balconies, and lanais. Many homeowners choose accordion shutters for larger openings in their home.

Pros of Accordion Shutters

The vertical blades mean you can install these over windows on any width and length. You can also install them to roll right, left, or open from the center so you can roll away to one side or both. And the roller carriage system makes them easy to install and remove, even for one person. They do not require any extra storage and can be locked and secured.

Cons of Accordion Shutters

Some homes will make accordion shutters look bulky or out of place, so be sure and think about the aesthetics of having shutters and tracks permanently attached to your home. Also, because they glide on wheels, there are some mechanical parts that might break down and fail over time.

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