Anna Maria, FL Homeowners: It is the Perfect Time to Invest in Replacement Windows and Doors

Anna Maria, FL Replacement WindowsIs your home strong enough to withstand the storms that can happen during hurricane season? Here in Anna Maria, FL, there are times when heavy winds and rain can move through the area due to a tropical storm or hurricane. If you live in the city or other nearby areas, then you need to be sure that you have taken a proactive approach to protecting your home. Replacement windows and doors might be a great place to start.

Here at Armored Dade Windows & Shutters, we know that quality windows are a strong life of defense against the harsh weather conditions. Without good windows, your home will have weak points that could give in when the winds are blowing. So, you should consider the long-term benefits of upgrading your home to avoid these problems.

Strong Doors and Windows Will Protect Your Home

If you are planning to invest in replacement windows and doors, then you need to look at the features that will best suit our climate and weather patterns here in Anna Maria, FL. Not only do you need windows that can withstand hurricane weather, but you also need products that will provide many years of durability.

The air here is humid and salty, which can lead rapid wear and tear on a home. But, you can choose windows that hold up against the humidity, giving you a comfortable place to live without worrying about the moisture leaking in through the window frames.

Also, impact resistant windows offer one of the best solutions to protect your home if a hurricane comes. These storms are characterized by high winds and heavy rains. Old windows could give out in these conditions, and the weak points could bring water into your living space. After the storm is over, you will be facing the expensive renovations to repair the water damage and mold growth.

Not only will you need to replace the broken windows, but the strong winds could also have a negative effect on the structural integrity of your home. When the windows shatter, the open space allows air to come rushing into the building. The strong winds put an upward force on the home, causing weak points in the walls and roof.

But, impact resistant glass is built in a way so that the window will stay in place even after the glass is broken. Instead of glass shattering into your home, a shatter-resistant layer will hold two panels of glass together. This design helps to keep the structure of the window in place so that you can avoid the wind and rain damage inside.

Investments to Save Money in the Future

Decide to upgrade the windows and doors right now, and you could save thousands of dollars in future repair costs. So, spending the money for these home renovations is a great investment to protect your finances.

If homeowners cut corners on the quality of their windows, then they might later regret the decision. Broken glass in a storm could lead to expensive repair bills, which could have been avoided by choosing the right windows. Do you want to keep your home and family protected? Then you need to talk to our team about the products and features that will keep your home sealed in all weather conditions.

Other Advantages of Replacement Windows and Doors

In addition to improving your ability to withstand the storm, new doors and windows offer many other options that you will love. These are some of the other advantages that you can expect:

  • Property Value: The overall value of your property will increase because of the upgrades to your home. If you want to list the home on the real estate market in the future, then you can ask a higher price.
  • Utilities: Save money on your monthly utility expenses by choosing energy efficient windows. These products seal your home and reduce the amount of time that you need to run the air conditioner during the day.
  • Style: If your home is outdated, then you need to make a few changes to modernize the property. Upgrading the doors and windows will give your home a facelift and make it look great.
  • Views: Maximize the views in your home by choosing beautiful, picture windows. Large panels of glass can improve the visibility when you are looking out into the yard or the surrounding areas.

There is no doubt that you will love the results after we are done with your installation! Here at Armored Dade Windows & Shutters, we offer the personalized services that you deserve. Talk to us to learn about the replacement window and door industry here in Anna Maria, FL. Come to our office at 8112 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton, FL 34210. Or, call if you want to schedule a consultation: (941) 798-9010