During hurricane season in Palmetto, FL it is important to protect your home in the event of a severe storm. This is why hurricane shutters or hurricane impact resistant windows are part of the Florida building code in many coastal areas. These products protect your home against wind, rain, and flying debris. Unfortunately hurricane shutters can take a lot of time and effort to deploy. As such many homeowners choose to install them early or keep shutters up all year. Is this practice hazardous? It can be. Here is what you need to know.

Three Main Dangers of Leaving Up Hurricane Shutters

Here are just a few hazards of leaving your hurricane shutters up year-round:

  1. Fire Emergency

Hurricane shutters keep more than just debris from entering your home. Shutters can hamper you if you ever need to escape through a window during a fire or similar emergency. They also slow down firefighters trying to get in. What if a fire breaks out in your home, cutting off your access to the doors, and it takes firefighters 40 minutes just to cut through your shutters? It could be deadly. Storm panels trap the heat and smoke, and those inside can be overcome by smoke in seconds. This is why fire and rescue authorities have stressed for years that hurricane shutters should only be up during severe storms.

  1. Break-Ins

Some Florida homeowners think that keeping their hurricane shutters up protects their home against burglars and home invaders. But shutters should not be used as security devices. In fact, the continual use of hurricane shutters makes a home appear empty. So instead of deterring break-ins, it ends up attracting home invaders because they believe no one is home.

  1. Mildew and Mold

Because of high humidity in the area, homes that are left boarded up for too long with little ventilation will begin to develop mold. This can become a major health issue if the problem is left to fester too long.

When to Deploy and Remove Hurricane Shutters

When in use, hurricane impact resistant windows can offer you some of the best protection. You don’t have to worry about putting them up and taking them down. If you use hurricane shutters, then you should deploy them during a severe storm warning. Then after the storm passes, and you feel the area is safe, you should take them down. Bahama awnings, accordion hurricane shutters, and motorized roll-downs can be deployed in a manner of seconds. So while these styles are more expensive, they make the job easy. Plywood, steel, and aluminum storm panels are much heavier. These can take several hours to deploy and remove. If you use these types of shutters, consider taking at least some of them down when the threat of storms has subsided.

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