Replacement versus Storm Windows in Bradenton, FL

storm windows in bradenton flFor years now, industry experts have deliberated whether installing replacement windows or storm windows is the better choice. There are good arguments in favor of both products. Here at Armored Dade Windows & Shutters, we see the value of both options and will recommend one or the other to our customers depending on their situation and needs as a homeowner. If you’re thinking about replacement or storm windows in Bradenton, FL, here are some things to think about as you consider the choice between these two options.

What are Storm Windows?

Storm Windows are secondary windows that are installed on the outside of the primary windows of your house, but depending on the model it can be installed on the inside as well. They provide additional protection from strong winds, add insulating power against outside temperatures, and help to reduce noise. Storm windows do not replace your existing windows. Rather, they add a second window layer and work in tandem with your current window.

Storm windows can be tailor-made to exact size specifications for installation over your home’s existing windows. They can be customized for different colors and layouts and are built in two-track or triple track formations.

There are advantages to installing storm windows in Bradenton, FL, but it depends on your situation. Homeowners appreciate them for a variety of reasons. Generally speaking, here in Florida they choose to install them when they recognize the need for additional protection from high winds and weather. Homeowners generally install storm windows when their existing windows still have a useful life in them, and they don’t wish to replace them yet.

What are Replacement Windows?

Replacement Windows are primary windows that are installed in place of your old, existing windows. They include a variety of different types of windows, most of which are built with modern window technology. More often than not, modern windows provide homeowners with appreciable savings in energy costs and better performance. Over time the savings can add up.

Are Storm or Replacement Windows a Better Choice?

That depends on your current situation. To make the best decision for your home, think about these things:

  • How much are you willing to spend? Most home improvements take this question into account. You need to review your budget and decide how much you would like to commit to the project. If budget isn’t a concern, then you should know that storm windows will not outperform quality built replacement windows. However, if your budget requires you to spend less right now, storm windows are much less expensive and far better than nothing. Just keep in mind that in a handful of years, you’ll likely want to install modern replacement windows.
  • Are you a “Do-It-Yourself” handyman? Installing storm windows is a manageable task if you know your way around a home improvement project. If not, Armored Dade Windows & Shutters can handle the installation for you. As a side note, we don’t suggest that skilled DIYer’s install replacement windows. It takes special know-how to do these correctly.
  • Are your Windows More than 30 Years Old? If so, the debate between installing storm windows versus replacement windows is senseless. For windows beyond this age, experts generally suggest you go ahead and install replacement windows. In the long run, replacement windows will perform better and will save you money.

The Bottom Line

Although different people are partial to different solutions, the debate between installing replacement windows or storm windows comes down to figuring out how to get the most value for your money spent. Based on the age and condition of my current windows, what is the most cost-effective solution right now? What is the most storm protective solution?

Of course, improvements to energy efficiency, storm and wind protection, noise reduction, etc. are all desirable. But how much money are you willing to trade to get these benefits for your home? That is a question only you can decide. It depends on your budget, the age of your windows, your home improvement skills, and perhaps most importantly, what you want.

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