When a hurricane hits the area the steps to preparation are important, but so are the steps of recovery. Not knowing what precautions to take after a storm can lead to more damage to you or your home. That is why it is important to have a list of steps to take after a severe storm. From checking for damage to removing your storm shutters in Venice, FL, here are some things you should do once the storm has passed.   

  1. Be Alert

You need to have access to the internet, radio or television to stay up to date on what is happening. These resources can give you real time updates and advisories for those who need assistance or guidance. This can help reduce confusion and anxiety.   

  1. Check for Damage

If you were evacuated you can return home and evaluate the state of your property. Once the storm is over damage isn’t always easy to spot. Leaks, flooding, and outages are fairly obvious, but you might not notice a cracked window or a gas leak right away. You must identify and report all damage for insurance purposes, so be thorough and document all damage with photos.   

  1. File a Claim

A severe storm often impacts multiple people in the area, which means a lot of people report damage at the same time. So as soon as you notice the damage done to your property you should file a claim. It is usually a first come first serve basis, and performing this task as soon as possible allows the adjuster to come to your home in a timely manner.   

  1. AvoidtheOutside 

Right after a storm or hurricane can be dangerous with flood water and downed power lines. These could spark at any time and cause serious damage or injury. And if you absolutely must leave your home, report damaged power lines to local authorities quickly and avoid driving through flooded waters.   

  1. Practice Food Safety

One of the main reasons people get sick after a storm is spoiled or contaminated food. If you experienced a power outage the perishable items in your fridge and freezer may have gone bad. Be sure to always inspect your food. If you have any doubts it is better to just throw it away.   

  1. Emergency Repairs
    Hopefully,your storm shutters did their job and protected your windows. If not, it is important to board up any damage to your home to help deter thieves, vandalism, and additional weather damage. If you sense a shifting the building shifting or hear strange sounds it could signal collapse and you should leave immediately and not return until deemed safe by professional.  
  1. Clean Up Safely

Once you submitted your claim and had an adjust come out to your place, you can start to clean up. Safety gloves, hard hats, and steel toe boots are recommended. Remove storm shutters and debris and start to put your life back together. It will be a long, difficult process, but soon you will have everything sorted out.   

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