Though the end of hurricane season approaches, you still need to be vigilant about protecting your home. You want to make sure that if you are in a storm’s way you can keep your family safe and prevent as much damage as possible. Now is the time to check your hurricane protection systems, maintain them, or replace them if they are starting to show signs of wear.  With countless types of storm shutters in North Port, FL and hurricane products on the market, there is a lot to consider.   

Storm shutters play such an important role. Have you chosen the best products to protect your home? Do you know what to look for when deciding which storm shutters to purchase? Take a few minutes and read through this information about finding the right options for you and your home:   

Get the Protection You Need 

There are two types of protection generally offered by storm shutters: debris protection and wind protection. Some better protect against one, some against the other, and some options can protect against both. Storm shutters specifically designed for wind protection might be more affordable, but these can only protect against the less serious storms. For bigger, more severe storms and hurricanes, professionals recommend the more solid installations designed for impact protection. These products have higher quality and can withstand more destructive force to keep your home safe.   

Ensure Shutters are Attached Properly 

When a major storm comes through you could find yourself in serious trouble if your storm shutters were not are not attached right. It is vital to have shutters properly fitted and secured to the door and window frames as well as the structural framing of the home. If not, then the storm shutters will not provide the type of protection they should. In fact, they might not offer any protection or could put your home at an even greater risk. It is important for exposed fittings, anchors, and screws to be able to withstand the conditions of the storm because shutters are only as strong as their weakest component.   

Make Sure You Can Deploy Your Shutters 

When the time comes, shutter deployment will be up to you. Heavy, corrugated storm panels are cumbersome. They can be difficult for just one person to deploy. And even with help, these metal shutters can still take an hour or more to get them in place. You could save precious time and energy by choosing roll down or accordion style storm shutters.   

Remember No Storm Shutters Are Completely Hurricane Proof 

No matter how expensive or how solid your storm panels are, no hurricane protection system can offer you a 100% guarantee your home will remain intact during a severe storm. Products may not work as intended, or simply will not be able to withstand the severity of the storm. That said, storm shutters are an incredibly effective way to protect your home, and can go a long way to keeping your family and property safe.   

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