Choosing the right hurricane shutters for your coastal home isn’t like choosing other exterior components. With siding and roofing, your options are fairly limited. But with window shutters the options are varied, and each has a unique set of advantages. You want to find the best hurricane shutters to suit your needs and protect your home during a storm.

How Do I Choose the Right Shutters?

Plywood is a fine, last minute solution. However, it should never be a permanent fixture. Plywood cannot fully protect your home during a hurricane or other severe storm. You need a better solution. Hurricane shutters are the most common form of protection and the only solution that meets current building codes for Bradenton, FL, and surrounding areas. They are strong, versatile, and fairly affordable. And how you choose largely depends on what you are looking for. Here are three of the most common hurricane shutters and what they can offer:

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

These are a permanent fixture and you can use them for a year for more than just storm protection. These window shutters also provide added security, shade from the harsh sunlight, and even noise reduction. They are also versatile, and in addition to working on windows, you can also install them over doors and patio openings. This design comes with either a hand crank or an electric motor you can choose to operate from inside or outside.

Accordion Shutters

There is another permanent installation that pulls out across a track. For protection you simply pull the two sides together and snap them closed, locking them in place. They are easy to operate, even for one person. You can thoroughly put up the protection for your home in a handful of minutes. Best of all, when not in use you can fold the shutters back and out of the way of your windows.

Storm Panels

These fixtures are not permanently attached to the exterior of your home. Instead, you would store them in a shed or garage, and pull them out and install them at the first sign of a storm. You can choose these hurricane shutters in steel or aluminum, but there is also a clear option so you can still see outside once you fix them in place. As far as cost, these installations are often the most affordable. They are also custom-built to match the exact size and shape of your window, giving you full protection against the wind, water, and debris.

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