Security and peace of mind are well worth the price of hurricane shutters. But when choosing the right hurricane protection systems for their homes, many people have questions about different products. There are a variety of materials, styles, and levels of protection. It can make the process confusing and a bit overwhelming. So here are a few questions we get asked about storm shutters in Anna Maria, FL:  

What are Hurricane Shutters?  

There are protective window coverings either permanently attached to the home, or deployed during a severe storm. They are often the most economical option for homeowners living in Florida.   

Do I Need Them?  

In short, yes. Current Florida building codes demand that every home built after 2001 have some form of storm shutters or impact windows. But the type of hurricane shutters you choose is completely up to you.   

Should I Shutter All of my Windows?  

The protection only works if all of your windows are covered. If even one window is broken and allows high pressured windows to come through it could mean detestation for your home and belongings.  

Should I Shutter my Doors? 

Some styles of storm shutters can be used over doors and entryways. And doors with considerable amounts of glass should be shuttered where possible.   

How Much Protection do Storm Shutters Provide?  

Modern products have to meet even higher standards and undergo even more rigorous testing. These new standards are more stringent than ever. But it means these products provide higher levels of protection and meet the standards required by the state of Florida.   

What are the Best Materials for Hurricane Shutters? 

There are several options to choose from. Hurricane fabrics and screens are high-tech, lightweight materials that are easy to deploy and store. Other products are made out of aluminum or steel with high impact ratings.  

What are the Best Types of Hurricane Shutters?  

It depends on your needs and abilities. Are you capable of storing and installing large, cumbersome panels on your own? Then storm panels are an affordable solution. Or do you need hurricane shutters that do not require storage and are easier to deploy? Is so you might consider roll down or accordion style shutters.   

Do Shutters Impact my Insurance Premiums?  

They might. Most insurance companies will give you a discount on premiums when you install permanent storm shutters on your home. The only way to know for sure is to contact your agent and ask them directly.   

When is the Best time to Get Hurricane Shutters?  

Before you need them. There is no reason to put off getting this type of protection for your home. Don’t wait for hurricane season to begin and run the risk of not having any protection when the first storm hits.   

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