Homeowners in Bradenton, FL always face the threat of unpredictable weather. Hurricanes are especially unforgiving. These forces of nature can pick up debris and hurl it at your home with tremendous force. Windows are most susceptible to damage. And once the building envelope is broken you and your home is in even greater danger.

You have seen this type of damage, and it isn’t pretty. This is why meeting the stringent building codes for the area is important. And choosing hurricane impact resistant windows and doors is invaluable. These secure the openings in your home and preserve the exterior envelope, keeping you and your loved ones safest.

What is the Building Envelope?

The structural envelope is the physical barrier between the inside and outside of your home. This envelope includes your walls, floors, roofs, windows, doors, and other fenestrations. Usually, a building envelope is designed based on the climate of the area. In Florida you want a roof to keep you dry and protect you from the hot sun, but you also want a lot of ventilation for the humid air. Unfortunately, any opening is a weak link in that envelope.

Why is Keeping the Envelope Intact so Important?

The building envelope is what keeps the majority of your home intact. The subfloor supports the walls, and the walls support the upper floors and the roof. If one collapses your entire home could be compromised. This is why a break in a building’s envelope can trigger complete destruction in a natural disaster. If a window breaks during a hurricane, air rapidly enters the space and changes the pressure inside your home. It could lift the roof off or knock down walls. Complete destruction will take just a few minutes. So not only do you need walls that can withstand lateral pressure, but you need secure windows and doors as well.

Characteristic of Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Bradenton, FL hurricane impact resistant windows contain layers of polyvinyl butyral (PRB) sandwiched between the panes of glass. This increases the strength of the glass, but also makes it impenetrable. Both small and large missile impacts might create a small hole and the glass might shatter. But fortunately, the membrane will keep the window largely intact and help maintain the structural envelope. The impact glass is often paired with stronger frames and structural silicone sealant for added strength.

Characteristics of Hurricane Impact Resistant Doors

You probably think an impact resistant door is solid steel with bolts and latches that slide into place—much like a vault door. This isn’t always the case. You can still have an impact resistant door with a glass insert. Just as with windows, manufactures build hurricane impact doors with the same technologies. You can also expect stronger frames, beefed up locking mechanisms, and even heat resistance.

Choosing Armored Dade Windows and Shutters

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