For residents of Bradenton Beach, FL, it comes as no surprise that you need to be thinking of hurricane protection. Before too long, the temperatures will warm up, the daily rains will set in, and hurricane season will once more rear its ugly head. But while most people understand they need protection, few know what they can do to specifically protect their sliding glass doors.

Sliding doors are such a popular installation, especially in Florida along patios and balconies. They give you easy access to the outdoors and fill your space with natural sunlight. But they also compromise a lot of space on the wall. And because they are such a large fenestration, protecting sliding doors is important. Here are some of the top options you can choose from so you are not caught without protection when a hurricane is on its way.

  1. Hurricane Fabric

A simple, affordable solution is a resin-coated fabric of hybrid nylon. The reinforced material is strong, with a burst strength of over 1,500 pounds. It is also light weight and easy to install, even with just one person. It is compact, so you can easily roll up the fabric for storage. This type pf hurricane screen also allows light to shine through so you can still have natural illumination even if the screens are up. And the geo-synthetic PVC coating makes it water resistant, offering your sliding door full protection from wind, rain, and flying projectiles. There are also several systems you can choose from for anchoring your storm fabric. Grommets are the easiest to install, but there are also rolling screens, sliding screens, and strap and buckle screens.

  1. Roll Down Shutters

These are another type of hurricane shutters you can find to cover sliding glass doors. They provide excellent storm protection and security. Unlike hurricane fabric or storm panels, these are permanently installed on your doors and windows. You can choose from a variety of materials, depending on the level of protection you want to achieve. Vinyl, aluminum, steel—each one is designed to withstand wind, rain, and projectiles. You can also choose manual operation or electric operation. Just be sure to consider the cost of upkeep along with the initial cost.

  1. Accordion Shutters

These are a popular choice for hurricane protection. They are permanently installed shutters that run along a track when deployed and as the name suggests, these systems unfold accordion-style. You can stack them equally and unroll to lock in the middle. Or you can stack them all to one side. Convenient, easy to operate, and reliable—these shutters have a lot going for them. The biggest concern is often aesthetics. Most homeowners do not want to compromise the way their exterior looks.

  1. Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

Another option to consider are hurricane sliding glass doors. Much like hurricane impact resistant windows, these installations feature beefed up frames and treated glass to help protect you against projectiles, wind, and moisture. These will not shatter on impact, but rather remain intact to protect the exterior envelope of your home. So you can capitalize on the open-air structure while maintaining the stability and durability upon impact.

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