If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, you need to take the necessary precautions and steps to keep your home and property safe. Hurricane impact shutters in Palmetto, FL are by far the most popular form of protection. They withstand hurricane-force window and block flying debris. But there are some things you need to know before you go out and get impact shutters.   

  1. Plywood is Not a Substitute for Impact Shutters

While it can work in a pinch, plywood is not an acceptable solution for hurricane protection. By all means, put them up if you have nothing else. But you can’t count on plywood as a permanent solution for your home. Impact shutters are specifically designed to meet current Florida and Dade County building codes. If you don’t have impact shutters, it might be time to take the plunge and make the investment before it is too late.   

  1. There are a Variety of Options

Not all hurricane shutters are the bulky, cumbersome aluminum panels. There are several options you can choose to protect your home. Hurricane fabric is strong but flexible and easy to store and deploy. Accordion and Roll Down shutters offer versatile protection and have self-contained storage. Bahama and Colonial shutters are great for both daily use and hurricane protection. They are also aesthetically pleasing, value boosting additions to your home. Find a system that works best for you.   

  1. Do Not Leave YourImpact Shutters Up Year-Round

Aside from Colonial and Bahama shutters, you should not leave your impact shutters up year round. If there isn’t a hurricane, keeping them deployed could be a hazard during an emergency. They might also attract burglars who think that no one is home. Leaving them up can also cause premature wear and reduce the longevity of the products. So don’t fall into the habit of leaving them up. Take them down, and deploy them only when there is the threat of a hurricane.    

  1. You Need to Clean and Maintain Your Impact Shutters

Hurricane shutters will not work if they are not properly maintained. Inspect your shutters once a year for signs of rust or damage. Clean your shutters every few months with mild soap and water. You should also clean and lubricate the tracks for easy operation. And test them before hurricane season starts to make sure they perform as they should. If there are problems, don’t put off fixing them.   

  1. Get a Professional to do the Initial Install

Once you purchase hurricane shutters you might feel tempted to install them yourself. But what you don’t realize is this could lead to problems down the road. Don’t risk it. Instead, hire a professional to install your impact shutters so they provide optimal protection for you and your home. It is the only way to guarantee the necessary clearances and permits are met.   

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